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Use this tool to estimate your costs for medical procedures and services in the ZIP code where you receive care. Whether you are insured or uninsured, the cost estimate you receive will show how much you may be asked to pay for your care. Learn more about our medical cost estimates here.

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As is the case with many healthcare costs, charges for medical services tend to vary from region to region. In this field, enter the location where you will be receiving or have received medical care. You can indicate the location by zip code or by entering a city and state. All of the following are examples of valid entries in this field:

  • 13203
  • Syracuse, NY
  • Syracuse, New York

We will use this information to give you results that are specific to your provider’s geozip. A geozip is a geographic area that is usually defined by the first three digits of a zip code. For example, the geozip for zip code 13202 is 132. Because our cost estimates are based on geozips, you will generally get the same results for zip codes that begin with the same first three digits.

In this field, enter a word or phrase related to the medical procedure for which you would like to estimate your costs. Every procedure has a Current Medical Terminology (CPT) Code associated with it. If you know the code for your procedure, you may enter that instead of a word or phrase. You may also enter a condition such as “diabetes.” When you enter a condition, the system will show you a list of conditions that match your search.

All of the following are examples of valid entries in this field:

  • 99215
  • Mammogram
  • Well Child Office Visit
  • Diabetes
  • Infertility

Estimate Your Medical Costs

Use the FH Medical Cost Lookup to estimate your out-of-pocket costs according to what healthcare professionals commonly charge for a wide range of medical procedures, services and supplies.

Our cost estimates, which are based on FAIR Health's national database of healthcare claims, offer a neutral, objective source of information that you can trust.

If you are new to the site and would like to estimate your out-of-pocket costs, please learn more here.